The below eight mpg videos are Taegeuk Poomsae patterns. These files are large and may take a while to appear. Please click on the link below to view. Click here for further clarification.
Short Symbolic Description Of Taegeuk Poomsae And Videos Of Moves
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POOMSAE TAEGEUK IL JANG (1) - Heaven (South, Father) The first Taeguk/Palgwe is the beginning of all Poomsae. The associated trigram represents Yang (heaven, light), therefore, this Poomsee should be performed with the greatness of Heaven.- Click here to view
POOMSAE TAEGEUK EE JANG (2) - Lake (South East, Youngest daughter) In the depths of the lake are treasures and mysteries. The movements of this Taeguk/Palgwe should be performed knowing that man has limitations, but that we can overcome these limitations. This should lead to a feeling of joy, knowing that we can control our future. - Click here to view
POOMSAE TAEGEUK SAM JANG (3) - Fire (East, Second daughter) Fire contains a lot of energy. Fire helped man to survive, but on the other hand had some catastrophical results. This form should be performed rhythmically, with some outbursts of energy - Click here to view
POOMSAE TAEGEUK SA JANG (4) - Thunder (North East, Eldest son) Thunder comes from the sky and is absorbed by the earth. Thunder is one of the most powerful natural forces, circling, gyrating. This Taeguk/Palgwe should be performed with this in mind - Click here to view
POOMSAE TAEGEUK OH JANG (5) - Wind (South West, Eldest daughter) Wind is a gentle force, but can sometimes be furious, destroying everything in it's path. Poomsae Taeguk/Palgwe Oh Jang should be performed like the wind: gently, but knowing the ability of mass destruction with a single movement - Click here to view
POOMSAE TAEGEUK YOOK JANG (6)  - Water (West, Second son) Water can move a mountain. The movements of this Poomsae should be performed like water. Sometimes standing still like water in a lake, sometimes thriving as a river - Click here to view
POOMSAE TAEGEUK CHIL JANG (7) - Mountain (North West, Youngest son) Mountains will always look majestic, no matter the size. This Poomsae should be performed with the feeling that all movements are this majestic and deserved to be praised - Click here to view
POOMSAE TAEGEUK PAL JANG (8) - Earth (North, Mother) The associated trigram of this Poomsae is Yin: the end of the beginning, the evil part of all that is good. Even in this darkness, there is still some light. Performing this Taeguk/Palgwe, one should be aware that this is the last Taeguk/Palgwe to be learned, it also is the end of a circle, and therefore it is also the first, the second etc...  - Click here to view
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